Money. Ugh.

Not many of us like talking about it, and for many people, especially entrepreneurs, it can be a source of embarrassment, worry, shame, and proof of all our fears about “not being good enough”.

I’ve had a slightly odd relationship with money for a while – seeing it as both an essential security blanket to hold onto tightly AND the only way I can have fun – those two at the same time don’t really work! But no matter how much I have had I have lived in perpetual fear of losing it, or it running out, however unlikely that has been and however many options I would have to avoid that. I realise I’m lucky, but I never felt it. There was also always a really good excuse why I wasn’t making more money – no clients, no one interested, no one “gets” coaching, no one willing to pay my fees. Yadda yadda yadda…

I’ve done a lot of work this year to shift my relationship with money to something much more empowered, like a trusted friend who I know will always be there, who even if I don’t see as much of them sometimes I know they will be back, and that I can be completely honest with.And as I was doing my monthly invoices today I suddenly realised the difference that has made.

My biggest month ever, my highest run rate in my business, and on target for my ambitious financial goals for this year. Especially as my pipeline of potential clients is healthier than it has ever been.

A lot of this shift in relationship has been about actually being in close relationship with my finances – looking in detail at what I spend and save, understanding my expenses, being rational about decisions to invest in me now and my future. Not making excuses but doing the work, and putting in place the structures so I couldn’t avoid it! (h/t @coachlaurawatler) It isn’t glamorous but it makes a big difference. Avoidance and the unknown around money will always create a disempowered relationship.

So here’s to a big win this Friday from the joys of invoicing. And here’s to not being afraid to celebrate out loud that my business is going really well.

What’s your relationship with money? And where does it make the decisions for you, from a dis-empowered place? What would it take for you to be good friends?

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