When a friend and colleague was taking a look at her relationship, with a coach, it was highlighted that she was so busy looking for what was not there – what was lacking – that she had forgotten to be present to and thankful for what there was.

This got me thinking. I recently returned from two weeks in California, a mixture of some holiday and the continuation of my training with Accomplishment Coaching. I’ve been to the US many times, and have never been able to imagine myself living there. This is mainly because of all the things I have seen which are wrong about it, or missing – the lack of a decent cup of tea, the obsession with the car and the awful traffic, the excessive portion sizes, the crazy political system, and the showers you have to crouch to get under (seriously, what is that all about?!).

Part of my future ambitions will require me to spend considerable amounts of time in California, and I perceived it as a real problem as this wasn’t something I particularly wanted to do.

I realised that by shifting my perspective, and focusing on the positives – both the great things about living in California and the possibility it would create for me being able to be there – I could create a breakthrough. Such a tiny shift, looking at the other side of the coin if you will, opened up huge possibility – being able to be a leader in training and ultimately a programme leader for Accomplishment Coaching, being able to live life at a different pace, close to the beach and the ocean, enjoying the climate, and doing well out of it all financially.

I’m committed to taking a look at other areas in my life where this small shift in perspective could open up some huge possibility and create real breakthroughs – most of all in some of my relationships. Where can you see in your life that looking at the other side of the coin could create a breakthrough for you?

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